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One Track You Can't Stop Playing


One Track You Can't Stop Playing

You know what it's like. You find something new and can't stop playing it.


What's your current "can't stop playing" track? All genres and minority tastes welcome, as is old music you might have just discovered.


Currently, I have this on a loop.


TUBER: Sex and Depression


NOTE: It's instrumental, so no explicit lyrics despite the title


Tuber are a band from Greece which is a refreshing change in itself, with currently just over 1,000 monthly listeners. I am now a fan.


As for genre, it's not easy to pinpoint. Something of a cross-over with elements of rock, post-rock, stoner rock and psychedic rock. You may have other ideas. 🙂



We've made a collaborative playlist for this thread. It will update once a week. Follow here:


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Been listening to this track non-stop.
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The Goods.



Nice song. First time I have listened to Leif Erikson. I will listen to more. 🙂

Unfortuneately that is the only song they have put out!! Excited to see what they do next...

Good pick ^_^


I'm going to ignore the new James Blake album because that's cheating 😄 And it's very hard to pick one! I'm also the kind of person to not listen to one track too often, but this track has been a recent favourite:





Great song! Happy Listening! 🙂

Alright, I got an update for you...


These guys are blowing up. Stoked to see them at Outside Lands in August. If you havent heard a lot of their stuff check out their two most recent albums. Just make sure you have some time because its cover to cover listening. 



i've been listening to james blake new album like non-stop

oh and Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings – Father John Misty 

It's so good to have some new James Blake! Got tickets for when he comes to Australia in July ^-^ so excited!

They've blown up already haven't they? 😄 I suppose they've blown up a few times, after they were on the skins after party, and then following Holy Fire with their world tour! Saw them at Falls Festival this year, and they were amazing!!!

Nice!  great groove, I can see it being addictive.

Spotify discover feature introduced me to Tally Hall (darn i love spotify's discover) and my favourite track is Just Apathy and Good Day.

 I even included them on my After Craze playlist!



I am obsessed!!


Wild Horses - Bishop Briggs

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Been listening to this frequently ever since i first heard it 6 months or so...apparently Zambian vintage 70s rock rules:


Check out my playlists: edman08

Super Catchy Song!

 Stealing Oceans 'Labels'!


Spotify Follow Artist Link:

Very Nice!
Spotify Follow Artist Link:


This song is one of the best of the year without doubt.

I have such a very eclectic taste in music. Absolutely love new discoveries. Stuck on this one atm.
Lawrence Taylor - bang bang

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