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One Track You Can't Stop Playing


One Track You Can't Stop Playing

You know what it's like. You find something new and can't stop playing it.


What's your current "can't stop playing" track? All genres and minority tastes welcome, as is old music you might have just discovered.


Currently, I have this on a loop.


TUBER: Sex and Depression


NOTE: It's instrumental, so no explicit lyrics despite the title


Tuber are a band from Greece which is a refreshing change in itself, with currently just over 1,000 monthly listeners. I am now a fan.


As for genre, it's not easy to pinpoint. Something of a cross-over with elements of rock, post-rock, stoner rock and psychedic rock. You may have other ideas. 🙂



We've made a collaborative playlist for this thread. It will update once a week. Follow here:


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These last days I discovered Arca, he's such a great producer, I think he can really do something big, you should give him a try. My favourite songs are EN and Vanity. Genres: Electronic-experimental

Cut it Out by Little Sea is too addicting. Have had it on repeat for the past week.


Check it out:

Follow me as well. I make monthly Pop/EDM playlist:


Favorite artist right now is Flume!

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James Bay - Let it Go | This song really the ENTIRE album reminds me of London in particular the last time I traveled there. 🙂

Big Halsey fan. Love her voice!

It's an amazing song, but probably just now on my list of non-stop plays as I await Frank's next album. Nonetheless, Novacane for the win.

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What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?

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The Beatles is the new/old band that I started litening to after the first concert that I went to which was the Paul McCartney concert in Dusseldorf, Germany.


One of my many favorite tracks is Something by George Harrison.

 For EDM,Dance, House lovers 😄 Digging this remix lately

@markallensoul massive favourite with the hipsters XD wonderful artist!


@DylanDakota Flume was sick live at Big Day Out 2013! ^_^

I've listened to "Wishing (I Had a Photograph of You)" by A Flock of Seagulls about four thousand times in the past two weeks.

Loving the new Dan Croll record 'Swim'. Top tune.


Dan Croll - SwimDan Croll - Swim


I can't stop listening to Thinking of You by Mabel. Has such a good early 2000s rnb feel to it and it gets stuck in your head. Plus I just love her voice, definitely looking out for more music by her!

Yes! 🙂

I've had this on repeat the last week (it's brand new from one of my favorite artists!)

These two are always good for a replay or 20.. or 30

Courtney Barnett

Boy and Bear

Here's what I've been listening to 


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Here is a great track from Lower Case Noises I keep going back to.

Lower Case Noises

This one for me at the minute


 I can't stop listening this excellent track: Night Ride by The Growlers from their recent and great album City Club!!!



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Can't stop, won't stop!



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For me, this is absolutly what u are saying. When this one plays i can't stop singing and dancing!!



And i don't know why, nowadays i find myself repeating this again and again 😄


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