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One Track You Can't Stop Playing


One Track You Can't Stop Playing

You know what it's like. You find something new and can't stop playing it.


What's your current "can't stop playing" track? All genres and minority tastes welcome, as is old music you might have just discovered.


Currently, I have this on a loop.


TUBER: Sex and Depression


NOTE: It's instrumental, so no explicit lyrics despite the title


Tuber are a band from Greece which is a refreshing change in itself, with currently just over 1,000 monthly listeners. I am now a fan.


As for genre, it's not easy to pinpoint. Something of a cross-over with elements of rock, post-rock, stoner rock and psychedic rock. You may have other ideas. 🙂



We've made a collaborative playlist for this thread. It will update once a week. Follow here:


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Definitely a vibe. 

Leona Lewis- Run

Right now definitely Munou by Osterreich. Such a classy and elegant piano

My can't stop playing at the moment is Alicia Keys - No One, just love this track and the video that goes with it.


Spring and a Storm by Tally Hall


Screenshot 2023-12-30 10.02.56 AM.png

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