Overlooked Artists

Overlooked Artists


Hey to all in the wonderful community of spotify!

I am a new curator but will soon in due time be one of the biggest curators on this platform. My purpose here is to help others attract ears to songs, and songs to ears.
   I go by the name “Overlooked” just because it is a simple definition of what I am all about. I know a lot of people who make very great music, but the streams or view count would not make them think so. That is where I come in, I will get artists views up and earn them an organic following through my 2 new playlist. One is “OverLookedUnique” and the other is “OverLookedSounds”. I am adding songs asap! Please follow both playlist and drop your new or best releases in this thread. I will add it to either 1 of the following playlist depending on your sound. Thank you all for you time and efforts! Please everyone reading this, never quit making music your time will come when it is perfect for the world.


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Must Check Out My Recent Single & First Drop On Spotify. Its Gotta Have A Place Somewhere In Your Playlist ❤️




I m glad that you are looking for some new artist with great tracks. check MISTIKA Vibz , this guy make some very good song such as "Girl I need your Energy" 





I've got a couple of tracks that would be a great fit for your playlist man, lmk what you think.

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