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PLACE for ORGANIC LISTENERS not Follow for Follow!


PLACE for ORGANIC LISTENERS not Follow for Follow!

Hello, if you are reading this I think that you are also looking for organic listeners and not just a follower who doesn't listen! I want this thread to be a place where people can gather that actually listen to the posted playlists and not just follow it. I don't care about my amount of followers! I care about my listeners! Lots of love I hope this works for all of you ❤️


20 Replies

Thank you! Someone with some sense! Although I have a few F4F followers on my friends list, i didn’t seek them and I’m also not interested in the F4F craziness! I just want a group of people that actually listen and share and vibe.


So I will definitely be listening to your playlist because you sound more my kind of people haha! No diss to those that wanna increase their follow count, but I prefer real listeners!

I'm so happy someone understands me! If you want me to listen to something link it!

From the time I commented on your post to now, is how long I’ve listened to your playlist, all this whilst chilling around at home. Honestly, it’s an awesome playlist you got there, it actually gave me Sunday chill kinda vibes! Most songs were not familiar so it was nice to discover some new tunes and names along the way! 

I followed and added it to my bank of playlists, maybe i’ll even use a few in my playlists now and then. I don’t actually know what I could send you to listen to, I feel like my playlists are quite different. I tend to switch genres a lot. 

Hmm maybe this? And honestly if you’re not feeling it, no offence taken and you don’t have to force yourself through it lol!



I'm glad to hear that you like daydreams ❤️ Indeed, it contains some underrated artists but with great music! I will for sure check it out soon! :))

Hope the follow for follow guys don't ruin this topic! Some Persian alternatives for you. 

with love from Tehran. 

I won't let them ruin it! welcome :)) ooh nice will listen soon!

Hey I totally agree with what you are saying. For me I don’t want followers for the sake of having followers but I just love discovering all kinds of new music and want to share that with likeminded folks ❤️

I’ve been listening to your playlist for about an hour now and I dig it. It’s not something I often listen to so for me it’s very refreshing and a lot of artists are new too. Although, I did already really like Dissolve by Absofacto and hearing the acoustic version for the first time just now made me smile and was a nice surprise. By the way this is just a side note but I also really like your profile, it is very aesthetically pleasing to look at 🙂

And, to watchusay and E-hum, your playlists also look promising and I’m going to listen to those later too.

If you want to listen to something from me, I made a playlist with a lot of smaller indie artists. It is a very different mood though, so if it isn’t for you no worries. But if you were to listen to only one song, I suggest Alien by The Dingo Babies. It’s a song I’ve loved for a long time and the one that inspired this playlist because it has only a little over 4000 views since its release in 2016.


Sending positive vibes to everyone here!

aww thank you ❤️ I worked a lot on the pictures of my playlist 🙂 Recently made these ones. Yes, that acoustic version is so gooddd!! Glad you liked it. I'll for sure listen to your playlist Blackbirdy!

This is the type of thread we need more of! I’m definitely going to take a look at your playlist too Blackbirdy & E-hum! 

Can I also just share a little extra something with you guys. I may be a bit too forward with this one, but what the hey! 

There is so much to share snd love with music, so I’m a big believer in collab playlists which is a great way to share and discover through others. I know that’s essentially what we’re doing here now by sharing our playlists. But I imagine a playlist where each person could collab and post 1-5 songs at a time, could be weekly or fortnightly or when the mood strikes and everyone just gives those songs a chance to listen and soak it up and then can respond with something of their own. Not everyone would be on board with this and I get that, but if this sounds like you then let’s chat more and you can PM me on here! I tried to post this, but no one wanted to lol so just trying my luck here cos you guys seem like my type of people! It’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages.

I’ve done with some friends and it’s worked well, I just want to expand this with strangers who are like-minded who might be interested too! 

I'd be glad to add some songs 🙂

Yipee! So bare with me, I think it would be enough for me to just share and post the playlist here for you to be able to add songs. Let me know if it doesn’t work out. 
I’ll let you do the honours of posting your tunes first, anyone else feel free to join if you like and I’ll take a listen after the work day is done haha!

we can't add music yet, I don't think it is public

**bleep** you’re right lol! I just made it collab/public. Hope that works now!

(I had an error with the site, couldn't log in earlier :/)


The collab playlist is such a great idea! I've been wanting to do something like that for a while too. I added some now too and had a listen to you guys' ones as well. Really curious to see where this will go 🙂


Also, Xannnn, great choice of half•alive heh. I saw them live a while back, I think it may actually have been the last concert I went to before.. this all :') 




oooh how were they live backbirdy?? (btw ben je nl?)

So far I am digging the songs you guys have posted to the collab! I am also curious and excited to see how it will pan out! 

Blackbirdy I am listening to the rest of your Obscure Indie playlist and so far so good, I really like Wethered and Augustus but I’ve still got a few to go. Jackie just came on and I like it too haha!

E-hum, I took a listen to some songs from your Persian Alt playlist, it was really cool to hear a genre that I like but with a Persian style twist to it, very different and I discovered something new, so thank you for sharing! 

Xannnn still enjoying your music from Daydreams & will defs be listening to your other playlists at some point too!

@Xannnn yeah it was fun! It was also cool that they continued with their dancing theme from the MVs and had dancers with them and all 🙂


(En mogelijk haha)

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