Hi guys, just wanted to make another place where people can share their playlists


r&bish, soul, retro soul-funk


chill - soft indie pop, soft rap, alt r&b


alt rock, indie rock, pop rock



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You just need to copy and paste the link to the playlist. This page might help 😊

Hello, I'm Judit from Spain! These are soothing songs for Yoga and Meditation from the Mediterranean island, Menorca by sunrise or sunset by the sea! Please follow and send me yours to follow it pls.


Thank you gabs, I followed you, really cool playlists! 

My artist Impëratriz and I just created a "Nostalgic Dance Music" playlist, everyone feel free to pitch songs, we're still looking to add more!

Thank you, that's a great idea :)!


hey! I wanted to share with you my only playlist which I personally take care every week/month, with the most "this hit different" music I found around the internet (most of them are upcoming artists from Japan to usa)
Hope you enjoy! Tell me the tracks that you hated and which one you loved :))

Hi gabs09. This new album has a ton of classics, namely Dav's Song & Take It Easy, as well as a new Christmas song that's very upbeat and could fit nicely in any Christmas themed playlist:




let's share our playlists together!

this is mine from a recent book i've read and i'm in constantly pain after finishing it: 

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