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[PSYTRANCE, GOA] People Can Fly - Consume music, not drugs


[PSYTRANCE, GOA] People Can Fly - Consume music, not drugs

People Can Fly-13.png

...and God said: "Let there be light!"


Dive into a cosmic journey of Goa and Psychedelic Trance and enjoy the present moment as the waves take you away.

"When you dream there are no rules. People can fly. Anything can happen."

ENJOY and FOLLOW as I'll update the list continuously 😉


10 Replies

Awesome playlist man ! you have my follow 


If you are into progressive trance you should definetely give this playlist a listen


Please tell me how you like it. suggestions are welecome 😄

"consume music, not drugs"


Hey, sience 2 Years i have also a Goa Playlist.

I call it more a "Mainstream Goa" Playlist.

But catched already 1k Followers 🙂



Is anyone aware, why Juno Reactor's early albums are not on Spotify? First, third and forth are really awesome. I have found only this mix from their goa tracks, nothing else.

Classic track, one of my favourites.


I created a playlist with Mantras as I really like the sound of mantras or ethnic sounds in Goa Tracks.

If you are interested, you can take a look:


Thanks in advance!

I also got two Psytrance playlists which I would like to share:


Here is the newest one that contains this kind of galactic psytrance ( dont know how to call it, songs like Ambient Galaxy by Astral Projection or People can Fly or the kind of Psytrance Electric Universe creates)


If you like it, you are welcome to follow:


Its not done yet, I will update from time to time.


My other project is this Mantra Goa Playlist!

Follow if you like  it or write me a message if there are any songs you would like to add!




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