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Paisley Freakouts (60s & 70s Obscurities)


Paisley Freakouts (60s & 70s Obscurities)

For about 20 years in the 60s & 70s I was a serious record collector. But I wasn't interested in just any music. I delighted in the bands that slipped through the cracks. A lot of bands in the 60s & 70s got signed that had no chance of making it in the mainstream music industry. They were just too far outside of popular musical taste. Or maybe they just weren't that good... Or maybe a combination of the two.

I discovered so much great music by haunting the "cut-out bins" in record stores. These were filled with the albums labels couldn't move, so they'd sell them for 78 cents... or 50... or even a quarter..

Bands like Ultimate Spinach, Tingling Mother's Circus, Ars Nova, Fat Mattress...


Since coming to Spotify I've been astounded how much of this detritus is available! I've been gathering it together and put together a playlist full of bands most people have never heard of, and lesser known album by more successful artists. If you dig the classic rock era, and are hungry to hear some different music in that vein, this is the playlist for you!

As all of my playlists are, this is a mega list. It's over 24 hours long. Just scroll down pick a random starting point and get ready for an adventure! You'll hear something new every time you listen!

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