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Piano Composers, lend me your songs!


Piano Composers, lend me your songs!

Hello there,


Any piano composers / pianists looking for more streams?  I'd like to try to create a few themed Spotify playlists and would like to add your songs to the list! This list in particular is for calming piano themes. Please comment below your song!

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Added! Thanks Alexandre! Sounds wonderful! 🙂

Fantastic skills. And lovely recorded!!


here is 12 track from Barton Hartshorn that could fit your playlist!


Thank you for a great playlist. I hope you would consider putting some of the songs from my piano album on it:

Please suggest your favourite piano songs for my new relaxation playlist



Thanks for the opportunity.  I'd like to suggest "Evening Hymn" for your playlist.

I am currently listening to this, piano and with a bit of oud.

Could you please review my song ?

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