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Playlist Exchange - Listen while you Work!


Playlist Exchange - Listen while you Work!


Post below and exchange playlist/s you enjoy listening to while you work!

(Mine is 'Chilled Afternoon' - an R&B Mix playlist)


--> Any genre welcome! <---



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Hi, here is my lo-fi beats playlist. i love to listen it while i work;-)

My most-played personal playlist, which is literally titled While I'm Working... I can't listen to music with too many lyrics, so a lot of it ends up quite ambient, electro, or classical. 

Hi! Heres my vibe playlist for when I work. It has really chill but not boring songs so please check it out! 

I always listen to progressive house while I work...not too aggressive and gives me some extra juice at just the right time.  Hope it helps you dream a little during your grind!

Hey Max,

I found your playlist, and I just followed. I would like to know if it's possible to share with you my music, and got your support?

All the best,

100% send it to me! My dream is to be able to help other artists out that
align with my vision!


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