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Playlist Exchange

2,635 Replies

Hi guys, just wanted to make another place where people can share their playlists


r&bish, soul, retro soul-funk


chill - soft indie pop, soft rap, alt r&b


alt rock, indie rock, pop rock



I like "denim daydreams" 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

Alternativ rnb, triphop, pop etc.

Hiphop/rap, pop, etc. Replacing tracks often



my art pop/rock playlist I've just made and working on 🙂 defs check out that Blue Cigar by Midnight Sister, I reckon you'd like it


gonna push this one as well since it's the playlist I'm always updating and listening to. got all my current listenings and songs get swapped in and out on the regular.


oh got this wavey playlist for your alternative soul, rnb, hip hop as well haha


Hi all, it's great checking out all these playlists! I have put one together that is ambient below. It includes some of my own music. Thanks and enjoy!


Dave! Ahhhhh i love all three of them, especially "Deadbeat Artpoop" and "Current Vibes"!! Definitely followed 🙂 thank you dave!

@SC098 i checked it out and followed! thank youuu 

love your sad playlist. Here's a winter themed sad playlist that I've been working on.

I really liked the r&bish playlist! I made this indie electronic playlist I think you may enjoy:


A taste of some of the hottest reggaeton artists originating from Latin America.



The most emotional and sentimental playlist for the lazy and rainy days. Perfect to start a new book or just sit by the fireplace.

Follow me

New playlist of rap jamssss I just put together 🙂  Give it a listen!

I'm a 52k minutes a year listener to Spotify. They also told me i have been listening to over 4000 artist within around 300+ categories in 2017 (did'nt know there was that many) 🙂 In short - i love music 🙂


Im also kind of a stickler when sorting my music into separate playlists. - So i made a structure for ut. It's called "share the good tunes" whereas each playlist has a subcategory with all the goodness i can find within it.


If you want to get your head around my shared good music and follow it, or just pop in to have a short listen, you are all velcome. Ill be doing the same with most of you here 🙂


The playlist "all genres" is a collection list before sorting it into its own categories. 🙂

 Tags: Classical music, house music, drum and bass, pop, lounge, funk, easy listnening, electronic disco, indie and lots more 🙂


Hope you find something you like.


Cheers, here you go ! 

My Treehouse songs. Music to listen to in a treehouse lodge when you stay awake. Most recent, some vivid, some sensitive.


Handpicked metalcore, post hardcore and death core, hoping y'all can discover some new tracks 🙂

Leave a follow ❤

Here's my EDM/House Playlist. Any suggestions for artists to add would be appreciated. Hope you like it.

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