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Hope you like this tropical house playlist, mainly unknown and superb tracks, enjoy!



I have a relatively short (60-80 on average) playlist made up of only new hip hop, rap and rnb tracks and after a song gets 30 day old on the playlist I delete it so its always just the best and newest.

Here’s some Dark Wave from the 80s, please follow me if you like these songs.

I put together a playlist with a mix of modern and classic rock. I update it regularly to keep it fresh. Check it out!!

The best edm tracklist, frequently updates! Follow to discover new music

@Adi_Yuwono thank you so much for this. I've had the shittest of days lately and this is been a blessing to listen to.

I like the 'tell me i'll heal' one, my 'slow music' is quite similair actually!


I like my 'chill house' playlist better tho..

@waeveydave Your very welcome man! I'm really happy that you enjoy listening to my playlist. 

I like your Playlist a lot! I'll give it a follow. Please consider following mine!

Make sure to check out my other playlists too!

This playlist have like all the music I like, Rap, Rock, Metal, Hardcore, Love Songs, 80's and 90's Songs, Hip Hop, Indie, folk, R&B, Pop, Punk, Anime Themes, Meme Songs and more XD

yaaas vulf

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