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Just looking through the music exchange feed and saw that there was no post like this one since 2021. So I'm making a new one just for people to share their playlists 😉

Here is one of mine

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indie soul, neo r&b, art pop and everything in between 🙂

Post rock and Dark synth playlist. Bands like 65daysofstatic, sleepmakeswaves, collapse under empire, explosions in the sky. Over 4000 songs and 375hrs


As someone who deeply appreciates classical music, I'm confident in my tastes and invite you to explore a curated collection of primarily modern classical tunes. From solo piano pieces to grand orchestral works, the playlist also features classical compositions from the romantic to post-romantic era. You might even stumble upon a few jazz and ambient tracks, all selected with care for your enjoyment!
The second playlist holds a special place in my heart as it embodies my most cherished selections. Primarily comprising Romantic and late Romantic pieces, it features predominantly piano and orchestral compositions. You'll find that 95% of the tracks are beloved classics, reflecting my personal favorites in the realm of classical music.


here's a playlist i made for probably my favourite artist right now! go check it out and give it a like! 😄

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