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Check it out my playlist

I was inspired by the playlists here and I want you to appreciate mine!

This playlist features works of avant-garde contemporary electronic music focused around genres like dubstep, experimental bass, trap, grime lofi and more

Chill Out is a collection of Electronic Chillout, Downtempo, and Ambient tunes that promise pure relaxation. Unwind with the gentle beats and harmonious melodies to a state of peace and inner calm. Let the electronic waves wash over you as you drift into a world of serenity and chill.


Also my other playlists are here 😊

Ho, here the the most updated playlist for hard & heavy. Hope you like it!  

All new bands on this playlist. Blythe are new band formed in Manchester 2023. Their first single 'Aphid' is awesome. This playlist includes some of the awesome bands they know, that have supported or that have supported them. 


Thanks for looking.




Hi! I'm new to making playlists so I wanted to share my first one here! 🙂 

It's cozy season music, rnb, chill, and lots of female artists

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