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Now that COP is on a few tunes for the environment !


This is a playlist with Swedish Christmas stories for kids ("julsagor för barn").

Changed weekly- started this list to play at work as couldn't find one radio station that will keep everyone happy. It's 40 hours long- so hit play on Monday, & never hear any repeats all week!

Ambient & Drone music playlist. Feel free to message me here, or via IG @scarredsanity to be featured on it.

Here's my synthwave/darksynth playlist. I sure dark synthwave lovers will love it. Hope you enjoy.


i made a playlist to make you feel invincible, as if you can do anything because you are young and wild and free.

🌙🚗 #LateNightDrives 🎶🌃
Night Drives playlist 

Our playlist is updated weekly focusing on  under radar and unsigned artists latetst releases, no artists with more than 20k monthly listeners and no song over 100,000 plays. A great playlist for discover.




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