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Ultimate Playlist 1.5

mostly pop punk & emo rap, either edited versions or songs that dont clearly swear offensively

Some of my personal favourites: 

a mix of indie and pop songs that make u feel like you're in a dream or hallucinating:

for all those times u feel like a second choice and just want music to relate to:

love songs- songs about falling in love, heartbreak... the whole cycle

songs for when u need motivation:


What kinda vibes does my most current playlist give?

~mostly chill, vapor twitch~



Rock, Country, Metal music's scrapbook of history, with 1355 songs and keeping update


Songs that must be died for before being listened to. ~blues


After midnight, on a full stomach, to your dead dreams, to the past and to the future. Songs to accompany you in your depressive times.


Have you ever wondered what you are missing out on by not listening to niche Turkish songs?


Hey R&B fam! 👋 Looking for the freshest R&B to add to your rotation? Look no further than R&B Next, my weekly updated playlist with the smoothest vibes, chillest beats, and newest feels.

Hey, this is a fresh mix of African & Tribal Techno music! Enjoy:)

Musicians I have seen perform live. It's an archive for me, mostly metal but still various genres. This list will be updated as long as I breathe / Dark tranquillity, septicflesh, katatonia, kaptan kadavra.../ Instagram: VenkPlaylists

Check out my latest fav alt/indie playlist , a mix of dreamy vibes lots of radiohead hope u enjoy it<3  <iframe style="border-radius:12px" src=" 

Death Metal/Grindcore Apocalypse


The monthly two-hour Metal Academy Radio "The Horde" clan playlist that covers new releases, old classics & underground gems as well as all subgenres.

Heavy/Power Metal Hellfire


The monthly two-hour Metal Academy Radio "The Guardians" clan playlist that covers new releases, old classics & underground gems as well as all subgenres.

Forest synth is a style of dungeon synth that infuses ambient and nature recordings to evoke the sensation of being in a forest.

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