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Hi all, check out these playlists I've been working on, feel free to give me any suggestion to improve them! 🙂


A mix with my favourite soft rock songs (mostly 80s songs):


Songs that almost everyone know, perfect for a night or evening with friends:


A mix of acoustic songs (some of them are know, most of them are not that known but still very good):



done adding your playlist "denim daydream" :)., check out mine as well thanks

My weekly prescription playlist, is mainly house music with ghetto/hip hop tints and latin groove/tribal house feels. Hope you dig 😉

mine is classic rock hope you give a try!

A mix of sad music/rap emo music, updated weekly, I would incorporate Lo-fi, R&B, vapor wave in the future.
This is a perfect playlist for a lonely or thoughtful night, don't suicide, is just the title of the playlist, please don't do it guys haha.


La Mia Gioia


This playlist mostly contains adult contemporary songs at all-time.

Questa playlist contiene per lo più canzoni contemporanee per adulti di tutti i tempi.

Bu çalma listesi çoğunlukla tüm zamanların adult contemporary şarkılarını içermektedir.

I'm new in making playlists on Spotify. And my first one is a sad one.


The Hottest Hip Hop and R&B songs of the moment. Updated every three to four days to keep it fresh!!!

We are Drippy K song of the day. We post a new song everyday from emerging artists. We do it to help people find great new music and to help promote the artists. Please take a listen and tell me what you think. Any feedback and follows are welcome. Follow us on Instagram: @DrippyK_songoftheday!



Here's my brand new one. An awesome mix of acoustic blues and soft acoustic. Perfect for studying/ chilling out/ background music. Feel free to follow if you like it 🙂 

Nice playlists! Love it! A new style for me!


Here are mine: 

[DEEP HOUSE] Nice playlist if you love music with a deep touch!

[PARTY MUSIC] Don't hire a DJ, just play this..

[CHILL MUSIC] Wanna relax? This is something for you!

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