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Playlist Name Giveaway - Enter To Win


Playlist Name Giveaway - Enter To Win

Who has a playlist about either a friend or friends that bailed on you, or someone else that was cold to you, whether it be a family member or someone that you were in a relationship with that may have left you?


Do you like "punny" playlist names?


Post your playlist, for a chance at me giving the name to you.





For those that enter, I'm figuring that your playlist isn't public, otherwise I wouldn't reccomend changing the name of your playlist, because it will make it harder to find, according to an article about playlists.

If I don't see a playlist that I like, because of the genre, or whatever, I will leave it to whoever gets the most votes ("likes").


Post one playlist per person that follows the theme that's in my question (at the top).


Do not make separate posts for comments about other people's playlists. I want to keep this from getting long and cluttered. Just put your comments in the same post as your playlist.


I will decide when to give the name away, based on how many people posts, and if it slows down or gets to be too many.

I will send the name to whoever wins, in a private message. If, for some reason, that person decides to pass on the name, I will give it to the runner up, and so on.

The winner (that uses the name) may post his or her playlist, with the new name. If not, I will post the playlist name and username.

This will help show that this person was the first to use the name, if others, out there, use it.

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