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Playlist Sharing

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Red Solo cup (Main one linked in this post) - For Parties and friends 

The Next few are playlists of mine that can't be linked down so I put them here:

Hope you enjoy 🙂

2) When you want to hear love songs (both sad and happy)


3) When you're driving


4) When you feel like painting or being creative


5) When you want to look up at the sky


6) Rap music without the mumble rap


7) Vibey/Chill feels

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I got playlist for days!!!!!!!!!!!


Check them out if your dissapointed i'll give you $$$ - Follow for Follow

Hey! You have nice playlists! I just discover a lot of new artists and new song thanks of you! I want to share my playlist too, it's about indie music for those rainy days!


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