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Playlist exchange y'all!!!


Playlist exchange y'all!!!

basically a playlist I created for the chronically online (me included) haha

check it out, it's got some good songs! follow me if u want I've got some good playlists B)  link your playlists down so I can check out yours! thank you! 


my playlist -

i forgor 💀


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Interesting and calming. At least the first 9 songs I checked (with the exception of Nr 8).

Unfortunately the playlist I did is almost in opposition to the Alternative Rock, Ballad Rock, Alternative Pop styles here.


For Drum’n’Bass/Neurofunk fans:

Atmospheric Drum&Bass / Halftime 

your playlist has so many good songs! here's mine- it's a chill, good vibes only playlist:


thank you so much! your playlist looks amazing, i'll be sure to check it out ❤️

thank youu yee!! your playlist looks so good, i'll be sure to check it out! ❤️

not too familiar with your music, i will have to check it out!! heres mine:

i LOVE your playlist!! definitely following you @watthemahek  !!!

follow our weekly updated electronic/idm/avantagarde oriented playlist! like would be so appreciate 

hey queens here's for a princess diaries vibe 


and its just been pouring with rain so here's some background music for that 😉 


Hope you guys can drop a like or a follow xx

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