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Playlists/Songs for Video Editing!


Playlists/Songs for Video Editing!

Heeyy guys, so I'm into editing videos and have a full playlist that I use for my videos. I'm looking into more songs (or playlists) of this type, if you have any suggestions please let me know! Thanks xx

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Great playlist. When I'm making videos or editing finished videos to tune in to my workflow, I also include some music to help me focus. If we are talking about video editing, I use a video editor from Movavi, which I learned about at This video editor is so easy to use that it is suitable for a beginner who has just started creating videos.

I think your opinion is very appropriate, I like your opinion, please give many good comments. You can also go to kinemaster apk mod to refer to kinemaster application, this application is very useful to help you edit videos to your liking.

Amazing playlist, I used it during editing and also take help from this site.

Your playlist is great , I need to sub to España to match my listening to radio online in my country

I feel like it makes sense to cover the lyrics as well, we have a lot of sources to see lyrics like songtexte.

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate Playlists. I am a video editor and composer and had been looking for a song by Arvo Pärt because it reminded me of some footage I wanted to use in one of my videos. The only trouble was that this song is extremely hard to find on iTunes! But thanks to the fine people at Playlists, I was able to find it in no time at all.


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My advice would be to find a playlist that you like and copy the URL. You can then add it to your Youtube playlist and it will automatically show up in the order that you want. - Tyler

Hey there! 🎵


Oh, the endless quest for the perfect playlist to fuel our video editing sessions, right? I totally get where you're coming from. Since you've kept us guessing about the vibes of your current playlist, I'm gonna throw a little bit of everything into the mix and hope something resonates with you!


Epidemic Sound & Artlist - These are my go-to treasure chests for high-quality, royalty-free tunes. They've got everything from upbeat tracks to mellow vibes, perfect for setting the right mood in your videos. The subscription is a worthy investment if you're constantly on the hunt for fresh sounds.


YouTube Audio Library - If you haven't dived into this goldmine yet, you're missing out! It's packed with free music and sound effects, neatly organized by genre, mood, and even duration. A real lifesaver when you need that perfect track without dipping into your wallet.


SoundCloud - This place is a maze of amazing tunes waiting to be discovered. Yes, navigating the copyright landscape here can be a bit tricky, but it's totally worth it for the gems you can find, especially under the Creative Commons license. Tip: Search for playlists curated by fellow video editors; it's like finding a map to buried treasure!


Spotify Playlists - I've lost count of how many hours I've spent falling down the Spotify rabbit hole. Whether you're looking for something to set a chill vibe or stir up emotions, there's a playlist for it. "Cinematic Chillout" and "Epic & Dramatic Music" are my personal sanctuaries when I'm editing.


Bandcamp - Venture off the beaten path and check out Bandcamp for some indie delights. It's amazing what unique tracks you can find here, and many artists are open to letting their music be part of your creative projects.


Remember, the music world is your oyster! 🌍🎶 Just make sure to double-check those licensing requirements to keep everything on the up-and-up. Can't wait to hear about the awesome tracks you discover. Dive in, explore, and most importantly, have fun curating your next ultimate editing playlist!

Catch you on the flip side! xx - Nyla

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