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Playlists for me to listen to


Playlists for me to listen to

I'm really bored rn pls send me playlists to listen to (I might rate them 1-10 if you ask me) 

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I live in the United States. Most of the songs are banned...

I wanna know which playlist has the most likes

I mean playlist that's yours; you can't just post a playlist made by Spotify

If you want to know more about Spanish Indie Music I curate this playlist every friday:




You have a lot of messages but If you like to discover indie spanish bands I curate this playlist weekly:

Hope you like´em! You can check the other Quarantine volumes here and follow me or rate them (no strings attached:))

Not sure about your taste, but here I playlist I made in the Ambient/Experimental genre

This playlist is perfect for hitting the road, no matter if your destination is a party, the next town behind the sunset-lit desert or just the grocery store. 🚗


Wassup! I'm not sure what music you're into but had a lot of people vibe with my slow rap/R&B playlist! Give it a rate if you like fasho and if you dig the music give me a follow!

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