Playlists with Brutal and Extreme Metal Songs

Playlists with Brutal and Extreme Metal Songs


Hi there,

I am always thrilled by fast and brutal death / black and any sort of metal tracks.

I run a playlist where I change all the songs every 3 weeks and I try to include very new brutal metal tracks as some classics!

If you like to stay updated on these new tunes, please give me a like!


And off course, please post your own playlist below so I can check it out in my quest for greatness!!!

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I personally don't like half of these but they sure do go hard AF (a little too imo, which is why lol)

Time for a new brutal skincrawling faceliSt!
New tracks from Cannibal Corpse, Hideous Divinity, Creeping Fear, Wurzhul, Fractal Generator, Slithering Decay, The Crown... the list goes on, filled up with brutal greatness!
Enjoy this months update and see you with the next one!


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