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Playlists you need in your life


Playlists you need in your life

Hi everyone!


Here's a few of my playlists I've been whipping together. Feel free to check out all the others! They are long but worth it 🙂 now let me see yours!!


want some jam with that? 







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Your Playlists didn't post 

just fixed it 🙂

Followed your spotify profile, Nostalgia, and Underground 🔥

thanks love! followed back

My pleasure. Thanks for following back 🌟

Your nostalgia playlist looks absolutely epic, just gave it a like 🙂 

Here are two of my favourites, hope you like em!! 


thank you! I absolutely love these!

I like your Chill playlist, followed it 🙂


Here are two of my playlists:


This one is more relaxed and laid back :


This one is a bit more energetic, idk if you like it but you can check it out if you want to 🙂


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