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Please share your soul/funk playlists here!


Please share your soul/funk playlists here!

Hey all!

I absolutely love soulful or funky music, and I see so many great playlists for them on here in the Exchange. So if you have a playlist that fits the bill, post it in the comments! I'd love to give it a listen/follow 🙂


Below I have a playlist called "Music for your Soul", and I'd love any suggestions! As always, if you like what you see, a follow goes a long way! I'm always looking to meet/follow any other playlist curators out there 🙂


SP Music for your Soul.jpg
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Here's my playlist. It includes funk, soul and all that kind of groovy music from lesser known bands and artists. 

Really good stuff. I didn't know such good music was still being made.

Here, hope this fits your idea!


Hey Jack, these are my favourite funk & soul tracks right now. The playlist is updated on a fairly regular basis. Hope you like this mix of both classic and new funk! 


Heeey guys, Let me share with you my latest playlist, its a mix between soul / funk and some other good stuff that go along. Hope you enjoy it!!!


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