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Post Your Favorite Songs From Your Discover Weekly playlist

Post Your Favorite Songs From Your Discover Weekly playlist

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 Great week, this time:


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I am came across a very cool and very strange mix of music styles in my Discovery Weekly playlist this week. Probable a style of music I would have overlooked, so the team did a wonderful job with the algorithm design to find this gem for me.


The song is called The Quiet Observer by The Ocean, and I have no idea what kind of genre of music it is supposed to be either, all I know is I really dig it big time. The music is like a mix of indie folk/rock/metal, jazz, and alternative metal all lumped together. Just some weird fantastic mix, and I am not sure how this band was able to pull this one off for everything to just sound so right together. Anyone into weird and odd music styles should really check this band out.


Dicks Hate The Police – Dicks


Also, how do I get it to show the artwork when I post a song?

This week:



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This song is so beautiful and I've been listening to her for a while and now I know she has a new album thanks to discover weekly! 🙂

That's a Heavenly Tune Tatum-Thanks!


This week, two very different songs:


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Well I had an interesting little folky number pop up in my Discover Weekly playlist this Monday. Not Metal nor Hard Rock, but a European style acoustic Folk number. Check it out tis a rather cool number here. The solo project release of Witchcraft's frontman Magnus Pelander.


I'm really enjoying love during wartime and now I'm three songs into the band's album Truman, which is just as good!

ABBY  - time is golden

A pleasant surprise to say the least 😃



Hi everyone, 


My favorite track from this week's Discover Weekly is Release by Afro Celt Sound System. The song features Irish singer-songwriter Sinéad O'Connor who became famous for her hit Nothing Compares 2 U.





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