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Post-hardcore, post-punk, post-everything.


Post-hardcore, post-punk, post-everything.

I've been building up a playlist that kind of combines all post-rock and subgenres that are always hard to classify. Going to keep it updated with a combination of throwbacks and current bands.

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i really love your playlist 

i hope you can add this song 

thank you

Cool Playlist!


Here is great song that could fit perfectly to your playlist

The songs from this EP would work well for your playlist. It would mean a lot if you took a minute to check them out!

This could fit: Post-rock with heavy atmosphere, dark ambient. A little like stoner metal. See what you think:





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Hi there...

just take a look to the last work by OTAKUSUITE, the debut album EGGS...

it's a total trib without fearing genre boundries...

let me know what you think about it


Hey! Great stuff. Maybe there's something for your playlist in my own playlist I've been curating for a while now. It has a lot of melancholic and gloom & doom themes. Sometimes you just wanna say "**bleep** it all", you know? Here you go! ❤️

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