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Post your favorite Ambient Guitar tracks, albums, and playlists


Post your favorite Ambient Guitar tracks, albums, and playlists

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I love the sound of soothing guitars, here are some of my favorites that spring to my mind:


Michael Chapman - Paychderm


This Album and "The Resurrection And Revenge Of The Clayton Peacock" are both wonderful minimal guitar drones.


Brian Grainger - Blue Wheatfield


Ambient Blues for the late hours.


Loren Connors - Red Mars


My all-time favorite guitar player.

My Spotify Playlists:

Great playlist, only 5 tracks of this list are local tracks (not available on Spotify).

My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

Hmmm they all seem to be available from this end. Perhaps the unavailable ones have regional restrictions? Not sure.. Thanks for the info 🙂

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Think I fixed the problem. I noticed that the 5 songs were indeed identified by spotify as local. I added them back into the playlist from the artist pages within spotify. Let me know if they still aren't available. Thanks again for finding the missing tracks.

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It's fixed now, thanks for replacing them so fast! 🙂

My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

I found this Ambient Guitar album, really relaxing:



My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

Nice, here is my list with guitar instrumentals:

I love me some Tycho: 


Here "Fly with me" a new age track with ambient guitar



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Various instruments of the guitar family. Enjoy! 🙂

I do some ambient guitar here, particuarily "Seahorse".  Give a listen.

I love ambient guitar stuff. Have you checked out Buckethead? He has a massive catalogue but his softer stuff is some of his most well-respected.


Also I recently discovered this beautiful 1977 guitar album. This track is so gorgeous! 

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