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Progressive Rock/Metal Monthly

Progressive Rock/Metal Monthly

The perfect progressive rock and progressive metal music playlist curated by the Prog Loop community. This month's playlist includes legendary bands like Camel, John Petrucci, Robert Fripp, Riverside and more obscure bands like Arctic Plant, Atomic Rooster and Bubu. Enjoy!

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It's rare to see fellow proggers around here. Followed!

Great selection of songs, unlike generic spotify playlists 🙂

Hello,Im John, from spanish metallers Kilmara, I Will share you a prog heavy metal song from my band on your consideration for add on the playlist, thanks so much 

Heyy we have just uploaded our single. We have created a playlist with similar tracks, all prog metal!

Check out the band @framingskeletons ! I just found their stuff via Reddit - they are majorly underappreciated!

"Your Vessel" and "Catalyst" are my favorites of theirs,

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