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Promote/Share your favorite Playlists

dayge/darty playlist!

I've run into the issue of not being able to find good new music lately, so I thought other people may run into the same issue and that's why I created this Thread. If you want to promote your own Playlist or you've found some great Playlist online - SHARE IT! I'm sure there's a person that will benefit from your share! Genre and Language isn't a problem, there will be someone, who has the same taste as you, so don't be scared of sharing your stuff!

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Please follow this playlist and I will follow you back 😄


This is my my go to everyday playlist I listen for any occassion especially driving, or hanging out with friends! Check it out, go follow it and let me know what you think! I would love you here back from you so feel free to email me at *snip* on your thoughts or song suggestions too!(: 

I really like this playlist. Great choice of songs! 🙂


I just recently made this playlist for the summer...all songss on here are all new songs of  the summer and will continue adding throughout the summer! go check it out and follow it(: 

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