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Great playlist you got there! Feel free to check mine 😉

Welcome to the atmosphere of aesthetic sounds; here you can experience the spectrum of different emotions carefully transitioned one into another. Sit back and enjoy the journey :з

Hello, guys! Please check my playlists. Thank you for support and subscribe in advance.


1. Community: Русский хип хоп (Russian urban music)


2. В ритме латино: Reggaeton


3. Прогрессивное мышление: Progressive EDM


4. На утро после: Emo Hip-Hop

Looks good I just liked your playlist. Check mine out youl prolly like it too

como ingreso mi lista

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This isn't necessarily my fave... but it's my playlist that's done the best so far... so I guess its everyone else's fave 😕



'don’t talk' - a super long playlist, pulsing with nostalgia, comfort, and fresh contemporary gems. 26hours+, most genres, updated all the time.

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