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Promote your favorite lesser known artist!


Promote your favorite lesser known artist!

Maybe they're a new artist, maybe they've been around for years but they don't get the attention they deserve.  Whatever the case may be, here's your chance to help them out.  Post the link to your favorite song of theirs and lets get them some listeners.  


The link to mine is:

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This one and they are called "She & Him":



There's this band called Sound which I don't know where they're from but if you're into romantic song, give it listen!

Here is a link I would love for you to check out, I am about to tune in to your shared music! Hope you enjoy the sounds 😄

My favorite artist is incredible & she deserves the recognition! Her name is Katja Glieson. She has a really inspiring story & she is about as real and talented as they come. She made 2 Bill emerging artists charts with her newest song! 

I'm really liking this guy Brent Ryan 😄

Melody Causton. If you're into soft acoustic.


Everybody check out this artist follow him and add him to your playlist and stream him and I'll do the same his music is really good and he also talks about politics and supports those who support him

Groundbreaking started out making songs for Five Nights at Freddy's games and that's where he got most of his popularity. However, where his music shines is his original songs, which is the only type of music he has on his Spotify account, save for one collaboration with TryHardNinja. His original songs do not get enough credit, and I would recommend going and taking a listen.


This Band i want to share is called cold reading they are a local band from switzerland and i really dig them! They are super nice and their music is really modern baseball inspired. some nice relaxing music.

they are also releasing their new album on friday!!!!

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Mindseye & Dr. Rinkel are a downtempo electronic music producer duo from the Netherlands and New Zealand:

Emma Kupa. She's really amazing. Just discovered her music a few weeks ago. She made an album with Hefner singer Darren Hayman (another favourite) and that lead me to her own band "mammoth pinguins'/ Brilliant name, brilliant songs. Very good, very English.  Been listening to it kind of non-stop.


I made a playlist


@Leyaluna Just had a listen to a few of their songs. I love their sound, and will definitely be checking their album out when it comes out on Friday. Thanks for sharing them!


you definitely should! I'm sure this record will be bomb!

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