Psychedelic Music/Playlists PROMOTION

Psychedelic Music/Playlists PROMOTION

Let's support eachother!

Simply share your Psychedelic Music or Playlists, to give them a listen or get more followers! Psychedelic music in general has been kinda Underground and is rarely seen in this Community.
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Not strictly psychedelic, but it definitely has strong psychedelic sounds/vibes/inspiration!

Hi DookingRacoon, I agree that psychedelic music is underrepresented in the Spotify Community compared to many other genres, and I like your playlist; I am already following it and will give it a listen. I also have a few psychedelic music playlists here that I will share, specifically for the psychedelic rock, space rock (rock music with loose and lengthy song structures centered on instrumental textures that produce a hypnotic, otherworldly sound), and stoner rock (slow- to mid-tempo rock music with a heavily distorted, groove-laden bass-heavy sound, drawing from heavy metal/doom metal, psychedelic rock, and acid rock) genres; if you’re interested, you may feel free to listen to them as well.

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Hey guys! I dig the jams in the playlist. 

Im in a  psychedelic, groove rock band from a small town in Washington. If you find some time, check out this single we just released. It might be suitable for the playlist you put together. It would be highly appreciated if you decide to add it, Cheers

hi there!

i don't have a playlist but i play in a psy-rock band.

we are Otakusuite and right now we are sharing our first single "chicken caravan deluxe" on spotify.

the 6th of march our lp will be out. (don't miss it!)

if you like our music please help us growing our followers and put us in your playlists.

i will not miss to listen and follow your PL if i will love it!



Not fully psychedelic but this can give you the same high:

Hey, I saw your post and am glad someone has posted a psychedelic playlist. I appreciate what you're doing. I followed your playlist. It looks promising. Since you posted that playlist, I would very much like you to check mine too. It's a mix of Psychedelic, Neo-psychedelic, soft , and indie rock. I've covered a lot of upcoming and unknown artists. I'd be more than happy if you follow too. Cheers!

Simply Mind-blowing

Not bad, i've been listening to a few of the songs in your playlists and they are pretty good, sorry for the late reply

and i agree, Psychedelic music in general is underrepresented, we don't even have our own Tag/Section for that kind of stuff, and... Well, Rock & Metal doesn't really fit Psychedelic music as a whole.

Not bad! i'm going to put it in the playlist later on, it sounds pretty good

So many good playlists in this feed.

Check out this track. If you dig it feel free to add it your list!



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Here is my Neo Psych Band Aux Portes: Check it out! :))

Here's my psychedelic playlist. Six Strings from Outer Space now you got to love that name.


I also wrote a few psychedelic rock songs if you guys are interested



I found a fair few psychedelic playlists for this track by Lomon. Super trippy and pretty damn awesome!


Feel free to add to your list and share your music with me too, I promise to listen.

so i'm new to psychedelic music, i've just started listening to it like 3 4 days ago and i made this playlist, i'd really like to hear reviews from this community! if you have any recommendations, i will check it out!!

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