Psychedelic Stoner Marsh


Playlist In Early Development but would like to share it otherwise. Please share yours

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Cool playlist, @StompingLlama; psychedelic- and stoner rock are my current favorite genres of music!


It’s great to see King Buffalo represented here, and I also enjoy listening to several other bands in your playlist like Astroqueen, Monkey3, 1000mods, Alice in Chains, High On Fire, Purple Hill Witch, Monolord, Elder, Weedpecker, Orange Goblin, The Obsessed, Mothership, and My Sleeping Karma. I look forward to checking out the artists in Psychedelic Stoner Marsh that I haven’t yet listened to as well!


I think that my most similar playlist is my instrumental psychedelic/stoner rock one, which incorporates these genres of music, although without lyrics. The bands included there can also be found in my stoner- and psychedelic rock playlists, more extensive collections of tracks without an instrumental filter. Feel free to check out any of these playlists, if you're interested.



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oooh I liked your playlist! been getting into psychedelic rock lately. Thanks for the playlist You might like this playlist that I made that is somewhat similar! It's more psychedelic indie than rock but it's still pretty good

I've searched your playlist Trey and yes! King Buffalo my favorite band as it stands. I have more of an open mind to this genre now so I might run down your playlist's twice. "Pickled-beet " enjoyed listening to your playlist "Pond" and "Tame Impala" You got some good ones. Only a few songs I know from Tame Impala so I'll check out more of his songs. Thank you for sharing

Howling Giant did a killer job covering "Rooster". Starting to like it more than Alice in Chains version. What do you guys think

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