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Random Electronic Music


Random Electronic Music

Random Electronic Music from the 80s to today.


Techno, House, Indie, Trance, Vocal-Trance, Dubstep, Trap. All kinds of electronic music, and of course, off-topic music too.



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Hey, just dropped a new trance track called 'There Always Be Light'.
Would be awesome if you can check it out & if it's fits to your playlist you can add it 🙂

Have a nice day, greets

Hi there,


Love the vibe that you've curated with your playlist here. I wanted to reach out to submit a new tech house track of mine I've released, which I thin could be a good fit. If you end up adding it, I'll be happy to share it around. Thank you in advance !!



Hello, DrewDapps


I just added it to my list; I like your song, please share my playlist.



Hello, floh1912


I just added your song "Expedition". Please share my list.



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