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Rate the Song the Person Above You Posts

Rate the Song the Person Above You Posts

Hey guys, 


New to the forum; saw this posted on another forum I frequent and thought it was a great idea.


The premise is this:


I will post a song and the person will reply with a rating (1-10) of their subjective opinion of the song with a short write up of how they liked/disliked it. They will then post a song for the user that posts next to review. 


Please limit this to songs we can all access on Spotify. You can right-click on the song in Spotify on the computer and click the "Copy Spotify URI"



- Mackey


My song:


James Blake – Overgrown



190 Replies

6 out of 10


Love James Blakes voice and prefer Retrograde over Overgrown.


My turn;


The Head And The Heart – Winter Song

6 out of 10


Definitely a The Head And The Heart fan. Rivers and Roads is top for me. 


Been enjoying this one lately: The Appleseed Cast – 30 Degrees 3 AM

The Appleseed Cast – 30 Degrees 3 AM - 7/10. 


First time I've heard of these guys but I'm definitely gonna check out more of their stuff now!


And my track...


M83 – Oblivion (feat. Susanne Sundfør)



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Awesome song. Thanks. Very good melody and all.


Mario Lopez – Topmodel - Crystal Lake Remix

This went "nowhere" fast xD


Mario Lopez – Topmodel - Crystal Lake Remix

 Has a nice trance type feel. 8/10


The M Machine – Superflat

Add your tracks!

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Do not touch
Don't touch this either
Seriously, stop

I think this thread is a really good idea, so I will breathe some life to it and hope it gets a second chance.


It can be fun to be "forced" to listen to other tracks you would never normally do in order to review it, and you might find some new discoveries along the way.


Unfortunately for the previous track, I have to say it fell superflat for me. I'm just not into the electro stuff.


It'll get a 1/10 for the chill moment in the middle.




For my track: Submotion Orchestra – darn Hot

Okay, that was great. 8/10


Next one: Cubicolor – Got This Feeling - Original Mix

Definitive a summer tune, it has a slight disco feel to it with a long build towards the vocal hook.


Maybe a bit repetitive and drawn out for some, so a 7/10


Next up: Sweatson Klank – Oblique

Great idea for a thread.

Sorry but wow, that was quite possibly the most boring music I have ever listened to.

Will keep it mind the next time I can't get to sleep tho'.

I need a double espresso after listening to that track.

Not feeling it so i give a 1 out of 10 just so i don't feel like i completely wasted almost 5 minutes of life 


Up next:  Karmin's cover of King of Anything


I apologize in advance to the next person.Smiley Happy




I was actually wondering if this sort of topic existed here. 😄
(it's far more vivid in another forum I used to live in)


About Karmin - King Of Love

Interesting vocals, this vibrato. But I don't think I'd listen to this track a whole lot, even though after all the hardstyle and d&b wildness I've had today it sounds refreshing. 🙂 6p


The next is Amon Tobin - Slowly. The track that got me into him.

SebastySpotify Star
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I Love this song....
Makes feel like dancing and get in a good mood!!!
I'll give it a 9

Now my turn...

Enjoy it!!!
JpgchiefRock Star 14
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@rossi1911 and the Cardigans - I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer.

Nice name. 😉
Occasionally I like to go on a little circle where I listen to older pop music that I used to listen to or hear from the radio. This one would be a nice addition to this circle, honestly.


I'll give you some Captain Beefheart. A track called 'I'm Glad'... which is also their most popular one.

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@I can certainly give "I'm Glad" a 10!!  It has that wonderful late 60's sound and is both smooth and soulful.  It would be a treat to hear in Mono.


Here is my contribution:



@Light_to_World Good one. Sounds like a 90's alt-rock for me. 8 / 10.

Huge fan of the Flaming Lips- and as this track goes its a flaming and as lippy as it gets!


Wonderful trippy pshycadelic track that the Lips do only too well, a real song to just close your eyes and float away. The Lips have a wonderful talent at capturing a form of euphoria that isn't exstatic and pushy. Not all uphoria has to be huge rushing builds and climbing key changes, lovely track.


In the words of Monty Python, "And now for something completely different"


I present you with  a little number i found when spotify surfing on the back of a Northern Soul Vibe.

What a great tune! That "you can't help me" refrain is so catchy. Overall I it's a really solid and groovy modern soul track, 8/10.

Keeping with the soul/funk genres for a minute, how about this one? Saskwatch were one of the best bands from the Melbourne scene that started exploding around 2012.

Okay I'll give it 6/10, I'm not a huge fan of this type of music but I have to recognise it sounds good. Some of Russian Red here:

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