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Recommend a band with fewer than 500 followers


Recommend a band with fewer than 500 followers

Spotify has a lot of amazing, undiscovered artists. Some of them just need a push into the spotlight. 


So in this thread you can recommend your favorite artists with less than 500 followers. 


To insert a Spotify Play Button just: 

1. Pick a track from the artist/ band. 

2. Right click and select Copy Embed Code.

3. Paste it in the HTML tab on your community post. 


Lately I've been listening to a lot of Psyence Fiction (34 followers). Recommended to me by @Jamie 



UPDATE: Don't feel like digging through the whole thread for new tunes? Here's a handy playlist for you.  Hit shuffle and enjoy:



1,368 Replies

It's me again


Do you know Misophone? If not here they are !
Misophone : A lesson in conflicting sounds and emotions; simultaneously a joyous and melancholy record ( )

I have the perfect one. Anyone who likes solid good rock with a bit of quirkiness -




One of my favourite rock albums of all time!


Goodshirt – Good

Hi there,


Interesting topic! I found a spotify app called Forgotify.

With it you can browse the spotify library and find 4 million songs that have never been played.

Songs that have never been played made by artistst who no one ever heard about probably.

Here's one such artist with 2 followers, a vietnamese singer called  Hoang Thi Tho with the album  Hoang Thi Tho – Dua Em ve Canh Dong Vang


Welcome to the wonderful world of undiscovered music!


Ps: Meredith how can i insert the image with the play button you have in your first post?




My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

hello !!


Ned colette «  Jokes and trials. » 2006

Ned Collette's debut album came out in July of 2006, just as his previous and mostly instrumental band, City City City was coming to an end. Jokes & Trials saw him forego the democracies of a group to craft a subtle folk album on which he wrote and arranged all the songs and played nearly all the instruments ( )





Enjoy !!

I really like listening to Ghastronaut! He's also on my label 🙂


@Jazzwhatever wrote:


Ps: Meredith how can i insert the image with the play button you have in your first post?




Hey @Jazzwhatever 


To insert a Spotify Play Button just: 

1. Pick a track from the artist/ band. 

2. Right click and select Copy Embed Code.

3. Paste it in the HTML tab on your community post. 

I really love this band (only 3 followers!) from Vancouver. I was excited to see that they are on Spotify but they definitely need more attention. Enjoy.

One more! Charles Spearin is a  Toronto musician, a founding member of Broken Social Scene and Do Make Say Think. This solo album is pretty spectacular - he asked a whole bunch of people to talk about happiness and then composed music to match the sound of their voices.



hello !


Mr david viner Guitariste/songwriter londonien Several ballads in this very beautiful album of 2008 . Album titled "Among the rumours and the rye"




Enjoy !



Andrew Phillip Tipton is a busker in NYC. His strange ideas about bunnies, reptiles and pumpkins are well suited to his odd strummings, silly little beats and the occasional cello or toy piano ( ) By listening to "big no one" in a loop for 3 days, I became a fan





Enjoy !



Ethereal atmosphere, psychedelic, dark and Gothic This is the second album of "Trappist Afterland" Titled "Burrowing to light in the land of Nod" (2012)





Albatross Overdrive [southern rock]


Ill let the songs  do the talk  and  help in reconizing talent especially with ghost ride [ crazy riffs]   / viking




Lowrider [ swedish sluge, southern]

Again let the crazy riffs and vocals do the talk  especially on dust settlin' &  flat earth

[edited] Duplicate.





Wizdom Mriminthere 1 follower.... This is some hard party music and i have alot more styles for yall comin these 2 tracks are just the warm up let me know how yall feel about them. 



hello !


The Wooden Birds are a band from Austin, Texas (with members also in Brooklyn, NY), led by former American Analog Set frontman, Andrew Kenny, formed in 2008 ( Wikipedia )

With its debut CD, ( 2009 ) Magnolia, Kenny's new band shares similarities to American Analog Set, but is lighter on the synth and electric beats. If possible, The Wooden Birds' music is even mellower than that of its predecessor ( )

2 followers ( excessive ..... No ? )



Flyying Colours are a pretty cool psychedelic/shoegazing band with 241 followers. Recommended for fans of bands like Ringo Deathstarr, Diiv, and Yuck.




Hello !


Chris Deveney (vocals/guitar/bass), Gary Deveney (vocals/guitar), Paul McGeachy (guitar), Laura McFarlane (vocals/violin/piano), and Ryan King (drums) create the dreamy indie rock stylings of My Latest Novel. Hailing from the middle-class Glasgow suburb of Greenock, the quirky collective came together in spring 2005 and quickly began playing shows. "Sister Sneaker Sister Soul" landed My Latest Novel a recording contract with Bella Union by the year's end while support slots with the likes Smog, British Sea Power, and the Dears followed the next spring and summer. Wolves marked the band's debut album release in fall 2006. ( )



Enjoy !

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