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Recommend a band with fewer than 500 followers


Recommend a band with fewer than 500 followers

Spotify has a lot of amazing, undiscovered artists. Some of them just need a push into the spotlight. 


So in this thread you can recommend your favorite artists with less than 500 followers. 


To insert a Spotify Play Button just: 

1. Pick a track from the artist/ band. 

2. Right click and select Copy Embed Code.

3. Paste it in the HTML tab on your community post. 


Lately I've been listening to a lot of Psyence Fiction (34 followers). Recommended to me by @Jamie 



UPDATE: Don't feel like digging through the whole thread for new tunes? Here's a handy playlist for you.  Hit shuffle and enjoy:



1,368 Replies

Hello !!


Danny cohen ... 15 followers ! .... surprising ... No ?

Dead heart bloom ... Very happy

THE UNSEMBLE (64 followers): A collaboration of Duane Edison -The Jesus Lizard-, Alexander Hacke -Einstürzende Neubauten- and Brian Kotzur -Silver Jews-.


Hello ! I just discovered Pseudosix and I love with 31 other followers

hello !

Ah Holly Fam'ly tales seem to come from someone who is constantly marveling



38 followers constantly marveling

For dessert Graves ( 320 )

Singer/Songwriter James Connolly comes from Wexford, Ireland. now living in Bunnell Florida and loves to perform Acoustic Folk Songs, Celtic Ballads, Irish Love Songs and The Blues. 4 followers have appreciated

hello! Scott garred alias Super XX man American resident in Australia, a dozen albums since 2000, A dozen of small wonders, pop / folk... 67 Followers!!! ???????? ( What a shame )

Singer-songwriter Joseph Childress also deserves more followers:


Sacco have made my favorite album of the summer: is worth checking out for fans of Small Black


For Twitter support, find us at @SpotifyCares.

Follow me on Spotify.


A pretty awesome funk-rock band from Chicago. This album attached is my favorite of theirs, and Darling Television is another good album. Haven't given their new album a listen yet...

What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?

See 'Music To-Do List' for new music I've been listening to:

Hello !


"The last time i died" title a little strange, as found on the album of 2011" Garland of bottle files"
written by this group of alabama, author of  a very good discography

it's me again Jarad Miles ( 4 followers ) Album Lo-fi weirdo folk : "Rocketship".Title : Octopus tree

Girl Band are great too. Saw them live a couple of months ago, so loud.

This song doesn't even really have a riff or choruses, but it's still awesome

Hello!  Jason edwards ( 124 followers ) A first album "ouest" in 2007, become legendary and particularly dark. "Doldrums" in 2009, more accessible, keep still this side Folk subdued and not really happy !

Hello ! June Panic is a singer-songwriter from Fargo, North Dakota 8 albums on spotify,



it's enough to apreciate the artist - 43 followers ( ?? )


I quite like Audrye Sessions (131 followers)

Hello !


Adam beatty ... Followers 59




These guys are amazing and only have 47 followers. The main genre is progressive rock/metal, but there is a strong presence of funk and jazz, as well as orchestrations. If you like bands such as Dream Theater or Symphony X, you will probably love this.


I already showed @Jack_H last week but why not share with the community too! Only 23 followers. 



This next one is a completely different genre but also deserves WAYYY more than he has. Only 21 followers.




Azeda Booth (132 followers) are brilliant for fans Julianna Barwick 




This track by Sun Hotel (301 followers) is also one of my favorite discoveries this year. 


Drew hill has a really chill song called ''Solitude'' 


Drew Hill – Solitude

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