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Relaxing Music Playlist

Relaxing Music Playlist

A playlist filled with some handpicked relaxing music. All music is sleep easy on a sensible volume. Also adding indie/smaller artists. 

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Oh wow, I really like the vibe of your playlist ! Dragonote is pretty cool, underrated.
I think you may like this one 🙂

Cheers !

Currently working, I'll amgive it a listen later thanks for the suggestion 🙂

Hi there!


I just released a new song that I think it is a good chill/laidback song 🙂


"Stay" is my new single that I just released! It's a smooth Hip-Hop/R&B/Lo-Fi style song paired with beautiful harmonies and chill vibes and times during that late night studying/relax session.


Hope you enjoy it!

Great playlist! Just released a track that I think would fit really well if you're open to suggestions

I Guess you could like my song for your playlist


Hope you'll enjoy it !


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Hi, I love the playlist! Here's a new indie song that I feel would fit your playlist

Added! Really like this 🙂 

Hello there, dropped a like!

Hopefully, you're doing well!
I haven't got a playlist to show but I’ve got a few nice chill songs up for listening if you like it then feel free to put it in your playlist 😄
Much love,

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