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Remember the Hype Chart?

Remember the Hype Chart?

The Hype Chart - playlist by | Spotify


The related Features articles have stopped in 2019 (see the last one linked in the support thread), but the weekly Hype Chart still exists and is streamable from the account on Spotify. The explanation in the Features article is still valid as well, as far as I know:


"If you are looking for new music to discover, the Hype Chart offers an eclectic weekly snapshot of the music all our users have been scrobbling avidly. Every week, we look at the scrobbling data for the 1000 most popular artists and identify the Top 20 trending artists of the week (from Friday to Thursday). The resulting selection is added to The Hype Chart Spotify playlist which you can listen to below."


So it differs significantly from the available Top Charts on the Charts page and might be interesting for some users with a different taste.


Note that it is updated weekly, so if you want to save the older versions, you might add the Spotify link to your favorites and import them to your playlists every week.

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