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[Rock] What Are You Listening To?


[Rock] What Are You Listening To?

Artist: Deep Purple

Release: The Battles Rages On

Some content that got added to the artist profile page, I have just now gotten around to it.

138 Replies

Artist: Ten Years After
Release: The Name Remains The Same
Year: 2014
Labels: Nova Sales & Distribution (UK) Ltd
Style of Music: Rock, blues rock, psychedelic rock
Origins: Nottingham, England

Just finished a few hours ago of listening to this live material added to the artist page on Friday the 16th.

Live content, material recorded at Z7 near Basel, Switzerland in Summer, 2014 featuring Marcus Bonfanti (guitars / vocals), Chick Churchill (Keyboards), Colin Hodgkinson (bass) & Ric Lee (drums). 

Artist: Killing Joke
Release: Pylon (Deluxe)
Year: New 2015
Labels: Spinefarm Records
Style of Music: Industrial rock, post punk, industrial metal
Origins: London, England

Artist: Puscifer
Release: Money Shot
Year: New 2015
Labels: Indie Self released - Puscifer Entertainment
Style of Music: Alternative rock, post industrial
Origins: Los Angeles, California

I like this release, has a rather nice music direction, a more focused musical output similar to the previous release of Conditions of My Parole.

Artist: Canned Heat
Release: Illinois Blues 1973 (Live)
Year: New release for 2015 
Labels: Purple Pyramid Records
Style of Music: Blues Rock/Boogie Rock
Origins: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

I am not sure of the full context of these live tracks, I find very little information on this release right now, I do not know if these live songs belong to a much larger show or tour of that year. Anyway a rather lively set of live Blues Rock tracks recorded live somewhere in Illinois in 1973.

Artist: Def Leppard
Release: Def Leppard
Year: New Nov. 2015
Labels: Bludgeon Riffola/earMusic Records /Mailboat records
Style of Music: Hard Rock/Pop Metal
Origins: South Yorkshire, England

Well I must say I am rather liking this new release, nice to hear the band doing hard rock like they used to do. The release even has a Zeppelin like acoustic folky number called Battle Of My Own that is nicely done, without trying to over top Zeppelin's acoustic folk style from the 60's-70's. The band also does a Beatles style song called Blind Faith to finish this outstanding release out. The release for U.S. listeners dropped Saturday the 7th, so if you was a Def Leppard fan from long ago give this one a listen or two. My first listen through, the music has already grabbed me. Now all users need is for the band's older content to be made available for Spotify listeners worldwide. 🙂

Artist: Great White
Release: Back To The Rhythm and Rising
Year: 2007 - 2009
Labels: Shrapnel
Style of Music: Rock, Hard Rock, Blues Rock, and some songs on both albums have a touch of Soul and R&B to them.
Origins: Los Angeles, California

A couple of albums that where added to the artist's page Friday, November 13th, 2015.

Artist: George Lynch and Souls Of We
Release: Furious George and Let The Truth Be Known
Year:  2004 and 2008
Labels: Shrapnel Records
Style of Music: Hard rock, Blues rock, metal
Origins: Los Angeles, California

A couple of releases that got added to the George Lynch's artist page Friday, November 13th, 2015

Furious George is just a cover album of classic rock songs which is rather good as only Lynch can do with his guitar skills. Let the Truth Be Known is a one-off release by the band name called Souls Of We with London Legrand - Vocals, George Lynch- Guitars, Johny Chow - Bass, Ya'el - Drums, with many guest musicians from Andrew Freeman of Lynch Mob, Jeff Pilson of Dokken and Dio, Frédéric Leclercq of DragonForce, Patrick Johansson of Yngwie Malmsteen, Bobby Jarzombek of Riot and Halford, session drummer Mike Hansen, and Morgan Rose of Sevendust. The whole release is a kind of post grunge Hard Rock / Blues Rock / alt-metal release, this one fits right in with Alice In Chains, Sound Garden, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana from the grunge rock heydays.

Artist: Foo Fighters
Release: Saint Ceilia E.P.
Year: New 2015
Labels: Roswell Records, RCA Records, and Sony Music Entertainment
Style of Music: Post grunge, hard rock, alternative rock
Origins: Seattle, Washington, U.S.

Artist: Danzig
Release: Skeletons
Year: New Nov. 27th, 2015
Labels: Nuclear Blast Entertainment
Style of Music: A covers album of classic rock songs from the 50's through the 80's. Hard rock, post punk, horror rock.
Origins: New Jersey, U.S.

Wiki information about Danzig's thoughts and ideas behind doing covers and this project.

I am currently listening to my Rolling Stones playlist for this whole week. It is an artist discography collection playlist of content available to U.S. listeners, and so it is well loaded heavily with their studio album releases, live album releases, and various best of singles collection releases. Anyway here it is for those who like an indepth artist discography collection that can be set to play for a few weeks without changing to another playlist for awhile. This playlist has 1100 tracks total and a running time just over 70 hrs. I would do an in depth break down but with so much content here it would well take me awhile and I have other things to do to. So users are free to follow, or copy and paste what content they might wish to add to their own playlist, the playlist transitions easily from the early 60's blues/beat days, through the late 60's and the 70's onward to the modern era. 🙂

Artist: Art of Anarchy
Release: Art of Anarchy
Year: 2015
Labels: Vice, Inc. and Another Century 
Style of Music: Hard Rock / post Grunge / Alternative metal

  • John Moyer – bass guitar (2011–present)
  • Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal – guitar (2011–present)
  • Jon Votta – guitar (2011–present)
  • Vince Votta – drums (2011–present)
  • Session Vocalist: Scott Weiland – lead vocals (2012-2014)

I like hollywood undead, if they count as rock, my favorite song from them is undead and sell your soul

Artist: Third Eye Blind
Release: Dopamine
Year: 2015 November 27th 
Labels: Mega Collider Records
Style of Music: Alternative rock, pop rock, power pop
Origins: San Francisco, California

Rather strong release by the alternative rock outfit. This incarnation of the band might not have any of the other original band members from the stronger alternative rock hey days, but this release has a good strong music direction, the songs catch onto the listener after a few listens and they become something very nice to hear again. I think it is a B+ in recorded offered material, ahh music critics sometimes drive me bananas. 🙂

I love deuce !


But its trash rock i think .


Have a nice day/night ❤️



My Favorites- Rock


Artist: Queen
Release: A Night At The Odeon
Year: Released November 20th, 2015 - Recorded Live December 24th, 1975 during the final closing show of A Night At The Opera Tour at the famous Hammersmith Odeon
Labels: Virgin EMI, Hollywood
Style of Music: Hard Rock
Origins: London, England

A fantastic bootleg recording of Queen in their Prime of their classic Hard Rock sound from the mid 70's. The live recordings have been given a top notch clean up and sound fantastic on a mid to high range Home entertainment system. A wikipedia page on the release of the live recorded show:

I am looking forward of the Video show of this famous live show to show up on the Cable Music channel I have access to that showcases live shows, and BlueRay Live shows released to the public. Enjoy, and rock out to classic Queen Live in all their glory.

Artist: The Doors
Release: American Nights
Year: Released 1991 - Recorded at shows during the years 1968-1970.
Label: Elektra
Style of Music: Psychedelic Rock
Origins: California, USA


American Nights is a compilation of live tracks recorded at shows in the late 60's and early 70's. This album was produced by The Doors producer Paul A Rothschild.


Whilst I'm not really into that whole west coast psychedelia thing, having read an autobiography about Jim Morrison (No One Gets Out Of Here Alive), I gave them a listen - the only songs I knew where People Are Strange and Light My Fire (not the ridiculous Will Young version though!) Anyway, enjoy 🙂


The Doors - American Nights

Do you know Seven Empire ?


Great guitar/bass ending solo, isn't ?

Listening to one of my all-time favourite and underrated albums (personal view) - Victims Of The Fury by Robin Trower. Originally released on vinyl in 1980 (I still have my copy).


Style is Blues/Rock.

The album's not listed by name on Spotify, but I'm happy to have found it listed as Disc 3 of an Original Album Series here (remastered version):


Now I'm in a Trower mood I'll just have to play the Twice Removed from Yesterday and Bridge Of Sighs albums. Classics.


If anyone has searched and can't find them, both are listed under a different Robin Trower Original Album Series set:


Both are remasters on Spotify, Twice Removed From Yesterday (original release 1973) is listed as Disc 1, Bridge of Sighs (original release 1974) is listed as Disc 2.

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