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Russian acoustic guitar - a new playlist with nation-wide acoustic music scene


Russian acoustic guitar - a new playlist with nation-wide acoustic music scene

Hi guys,


for those who is curious on what is happening in Russia with fingerstyle acoustic guitar craft, here's my playlist with exactly that. It starts with the artists I personaly like (including me 🙂 and I am looking forward to your suggestions. Yes, I *do* know that acoustic guitar music and music in general knows no borders, but still curious to create an overview of national acoustic music scene. 


Sincerely yours,

Dee Kourtsman

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Update: one more amazing player added, Andrey Krylov. The playlist link is the same:


Hive mind, I am open to suggestions. 

Just added one amazing genius Alexey Arkhipovski with the piece called "Doroga domoi". Technically, it's not quite an acoustic guitar, but... you'd better listen yourself

Greetings from 2019! The latest addition to the playlist is Sergey Vishnyakov from "Melnitsa" band, this time with his fine acoustic guitar music. Celtic + Russian. 

Febrary update:


Alexander Kolpakov, gipsy guitar music from Russia.

(by the way, in 2008 he particpated in Madonna's tour "Sweet & Sticky")

Today's update - Yuri Naumov's stunning performance of "Night of the Highway". There is only one track added, but  consider adding more after making muyself more familiar with this awesome guitarist.


The playlist is updated again, Duo RO and "Meditation". Strictly speaking it's not guitar, but it's 1) From Russia 🙂 2) Lot of plucked strings! - check it out.

July update is here! I couldn't resist and added two more songs of Ivan Smirnov. Check out very folksy "Merry-go-round Man" and hypnotic "Echoes in the glen". 


"How does Smirnov sound so **bleep** well?"

"Because he plays each note **bleep** well"


Enjoy! And note that those recordins are *live*.



Here’s a track by the Russian band The Re-Stoned; usually the guitarist, Ilya Lipkin, plays electric guitar; however, this track features him playing acoustic guitar and I thought I’d share it with you


And here's another of their tracks with acoustic guitar, from the Stories of the Astral Lizard album:


One more from Reptiles Return with mandolin, too:



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Thank you TreyAnastasio , good stuff! And I guess that's quite unusual for Re-Stoned.


August is here, and the new addition is magnificient Enver İzmaylov and his tapping technique with a lot of Eastern and Balcan roots. Check "Indian miniature" and "Crimean girl" in my Russian acoustic guitar playlist

September's update in Russian Acoustic Guitar playlist - a premiere, new acoustic composition by Dee Kourtsman released just today (Sep 25). It's called "Vyritsa Station" ("Станция Вырица"), and it's very Russian 🙂

November is here, and here's update:


three tracks from recently released album of Yuri Polezhaev, "Hands Do Make Magic". It's "Кукушка", a beautiful cover of famous Russian rocker Victor Tsoi's song, and two cover tunes from Soviet movies, "Кавказская пленница" and "Снег над Ленинградом". Enjoy!

Hello and have a great May day. Not many updates were in the Russian Acoustic Guitar playlist recently, however, I reordered and modified the playlist a bit, trying to make it coherent like a real music album. Now it starts with "Islands by bicycle" and peaceful sound piece "Night on the galaxy express". Enjoy! 

August update in "Russian acoustic guitar" playlist: fine instrumental "Chanarsilla 2020" (Чанарсия 2020) by Dee Kourtsman. Andean music with Celtic feel and Russian lyrics. I placed this song last in the playlist. Enjoy!

Pre-Christmas update! Ivan Smirnov Jr., a son of acclaimed Russian virtuoso Ivan Smirnov, just released his debut album, "Dream Island". I included opening "Shedrovka" and eponymous "Dream Island". Now there are two Ivan Smirnov in the playlist 🙂 Take a listen!


Oh, it was a long time since I posted updates to the playlist. I promise not to pause like that again 🙂 And here's august update, "April Loop" by Alexander Misko. Irregardless of the name, it has just been released. Enjoy!

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