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~SHARE ur Indie/Alt/Punk/Surf Rock playlists~


~SHARE ur Indie/Alt/Punk/Surf Rock playlists~

if you like indie, alt, punk or surf rock please share your playlists. i'd really like to know what you guys listen to and i bet someone will like your stuff. and if you'd like feel free to check out mine too. dont feel pressured to follow tho, do u. hope you guys enjoy the playlists i put together and hope to listen to yours too!


mainly happy indie rock


mix of alt, punk, indie rock


38 Replies

@ecoles621 niiiice one. saw cuco and i automatically knew i'd love your playlist. definitely will be listening more to yours...ty for sharing

@sloane309 such a great playlist. i listen to a lot of these too

@darcychristie these are really nice! i checked out your constellation playlist too and it's beautiful


these playlists look so good, i followed !! i’m working on an indie surf/indie rock w lots of guitar playlist rn! i’ve also got another playlist you might like, feel free to check it out:)
indie surf/indie rock -
feel-good indie pop -

@raveena23 oooh you've got a nice tune selection. i'll check them out! thank you

@umeda wallows? the1975? aaand yumi?! absolutely listening to yours, ty for sharing!

@emilythurlow wow these are great. your "drink from the water" one is sickk. followed

Heres my post punk, alternative with a bit of noise rock mixed in, playlist.

@Crosby i love that royal blood and arcade fire are in there haha. super cool playlist. im listening to more of your stuff for sure

@newFLO yess i love it! a nice combo of songs. i listen to a lot of oldies rock so thanks for sharing this

@ZaiDK the distortion in these are awesome, i definitely found some new bands i like thanks to you. thanks for sharing your playlist!

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