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~SHARE ur Indie/Alt/Punk/Surf Rock playlists~


~SHARE ur Indie/Alt/Punk/Surf Rock playlists~

if you like indie, alt, punk or surf rock please share your playlists. i'd really like to know what you guys listen to and i bet someone will like your stuff. and if you'd like feel free to check out mine too. dont feel pressured to follow tho, do u. hope you guys enjoy the playlists i put together and hope to listen to yours too!


mainly happy indie rock


mix of alt, punk, indie rock


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fem fronted punk/indie/alternative! mostly DIY local bands

Glad you dig it!!

@swallowbricks this is what i needed!! i love this. as a woc myself i love that you featured many lesser known woc artists. thank you so much for sharing 🙂

@gabs09 yess!! I'm glad you feel that way, this is what the playlist is for 🙂 im also a woc in this scene and it's therapeutic to find other woc musicians doing their thing

this is mine, hope you'll find something you like

@yonkers definitely! found some nice tunes in yours, im listening to your other ones too. thank you!

@josxah hey thanks! and thanks for sharing yours! i dig your playlists, i'll def check em out

Here's my longboarding playlist-kind of a mix of genres but lots of feel good vibes that make me feel alive and happy

Here's my latest playlist, I update it regularly so if you like it be sure to save it for updates!

Rebel Rock Rebels 

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