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Sad/Depressing/Cozy music!


Sad/Depressing/Cozy music!

A Playlist with new songs added frequently, you will certainly find something catchy so go check it out!

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Love a good feels playlist! Here's the one I've been building out for a while...



Love your playlist! Kuddo's for Elliott Smith, Novo Amor & Tamino!

Mountains To Move is a Belgian band with some more Sad/mellow songs.

not necessarily sad music but a playlist I listen to when doing nothing / feeling cozy 



any track from this album:

"Broken" , soul & downtempo electronic & heartbreak
"Rise Up" ,  choirboy & chill & lonely

Hey! If you were ever down to add one of my sad tunes to your cozy and beautiful playlist I would be so stoked. 



Love it!

Some jams to help you get some coziness in a rainy cold day 🌧

While Mr. Presley cries his heart out over love and other sad stuff, these Ladies of Soul poor out their tears for the men they love. Sad, sadder, saddest..

I hope my song can make your playlist 🙂

You might like this track!

I really love the sadness of it.

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