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๐Ÿ’” Sad vibes playlist - Share your music (all genre)


๐Ÿ’” Sad vibes playlist - Share your music (all genre)



Playlist exchange.

Sad playlist, for sad people. A lot of rap song. Principal playlist.

Screaming rap. For angry people.


Bonus : Underrated rapper

Really, he's really good and underrated.


Personaly, I like the dark rap, the depressive rap and the hard rap. But i want to find some others songs (others genres)



I will listen your playlist, maybe follow and take songs.

Follow mine.

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Hi we are Kaneda's Bike, an Alternative Trap duo consisted of Saga Soprano and Re-L.


We just released our first EP and the local support is great but we are now aiming for broader exposure, so if you can help us out by adding our song(s) to your playlist it would mean the world to us. We send love and good vibes.


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What about these tracks here:


Please check this my ambient track

I followed your angry rap one. Mine has a lot of independent rap, hip-hop and r&b. I just made it public and trying to build a following, I'll be updating it regularly. Please check it out:

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