Save My Soul Playlist (Chill, Moody, Sad, Hip-Hop)

Save My Soul Playlist (Chill, Moody, Sad, Hip-Hop)

This playlist is about depression and chill at the same time. I will update it with new artists and songs.

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Hi, it's really nice playlist, I'm following! Here's my fresh Instrumental Hip Hop single vibin in funky/soulful/jazzy moods. Let me know if it fit for your playlist. Thank you in advance!

Artist BETTER IN BLACK ft. Aquariuz - LongWayHome

delete everything offical cover art.jpg
  Simply put, .. Better In Black, is the most important discovery in music today. . . . They blend genres and era's to create an authentic eclectic yet experimental alternative style of Hip Hop. A style that incorporates elements of Classic Hip Hop with Soul and Jazz so effortlessly it's mind blowing and grooving at the same time. And they contiue to push and bend the envelope with their latest EP "DELETE EVERYTHING"...It picks up where their last project "The GARDEN EP" started and elevates their game to the next level. The first thing you hear is the growth in BETTER IN BLACK. Natrol Black( Grayson Ferrell the younger brother of JUNii) has developed a commanding force to his delivery that makes his already strong lyricism demand to be heard. He is developing into a solid Emcee, in the tradition of Hip Hop Legends Black Thought and Common. His vocabulary and content have grown as well. Notable Tracks to checkout Natrol on  " Drought" and Longwayhome".. JUNii ( Shaina Ferrell) also returns with a sharper tongue and an even keener ear and hand for production.  She is fast becoming a stellar Beatsmith along with her skills as a vocalist. SHe clearly is the heir to the thrones held by Missy Elliot and Lauryn Hill..They are creators who value their craft as life, and never take anything less than their best effort at being creative, while growing. . Junii and Natrol Black (Brother and sister Shaina and Grayson Ferrell) have a great understanding and mantra, that they and their music will and must evolve. They are in creative mode at all times. They skillfully write and produce their fluid ethereal creations from scratch. A feat that has had elder producers and artists in awe of their maturity and level of creative quality. They have a sound that belies their very young yeas on the planet..One listen and you would swear they have been here all along rather than just this short 21st century..Better In Black are the next evolution of Hip Hop , following in the footsteps of other great movements such as the Soulaquarians, Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Native Tongues and Organized Noize.. they aim to build a strong base of original music as a foundation. They recently release their fourth independent project called "DELETE_EVERYTHING" (2019) a six song EP  featuring all new music written and arranged by BETTER IN BLACK. It features the new single "Longwayhome" ft. Vocalist Aquariuz and "Springbreak". .  
knowing... BETTER IN BLACK
artist - Junii (Shaina Ferrell  - 21)
           Nappi Devi (Deviair Williams - 23 New Member) Songwriters & producers*
genre - Alternative Hip Hop/ Soul     Hometown - Detroit 
PRO Affiliation - BMI
Publisher - 1st Mynd Music & Multi Media BMI
SPRING BREAK  - Single (2019) CD Baby Dist.
THE GARDEN - EP (2018)CD Baby Dist.   
FEVER - Single - (2018) CD Baby Dist. 
SADE - Single (2018) CD Baby Dist. 
MAMBA (Dendroaspis Polyepis) - SIngle (2018) CD Baby Dist. 
Pressure|Passion|Paranoia - EP (2016) Soundcloud Exclusive 
Self Therapy - EP (2015) Soundcloud Exclusive 
comparables - fugees, kendrick lamar, j. cole, outkast, digable planets 
inspirations & influences - a tribe called quest, de la soul, erykah badu, arrested development   
                  Album - "_DELETE_EVERYTHING" EP Download -


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