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Seeking music for playlists


Seeking music for playlists

I'm creating Spotify playlists based on songs about specific emotions. If you've got a song that fits the theme of one of the 16 emotions I'm looking for, please submit it. (no cost, no scam, just sharing good music)
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Hi there,

Really hope you're well, if you get a free min please would you consider my new single 'I Can't Sleep'. I really hope you enjoy.

Thanks so much for your time!


Thankfully I don't have Twitter or Instagram, but if you want to give credit to me, you can add my Spotify profile link to the post or whatever. Will the Twitter and/or Instagram field accept my Spotify profile link?

I'll post my submissions here, too, just to make sure that you get them.

Since you have "contempt" listed, and "hatred" is a synonym of it, I'll submit this for it.

Here are a couple for the emotion of fear.

Here is what I have for the emotion of pride.

Here's what I have for the emotion of sadness. This first one can also fit for joy, too.

Here's some for the emotion of Nostalgia.

Here's for the emotion of anxiety.

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Great choice! Btw, you can do this with Musconvtool

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