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Send Me Your Hip Hop/Rap/Grime playlist


Send Me Your Hip Hop/Rap/Grime playlist

Looking for some good hip hop and rap playlist that feature smaller aritst. 

While you're here feel free to listen to my music. 

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This playlist is mainly NF and Ivan B, they're not really small artists but I really like them!




Have a nice day!

This is a new playlist with big names on it, however I'm accepting submissions from new rappers.

Always updated with ALL the hottest rap songs. Big playlist with many songs unlike the popular playlists like RapCaviar with only 50 songs. We keep all our songs but always add new ones so you never get tired of them.

UK based playlist, only rap/ grime from the UK. Some of the best tunes from early on. check it out to widen music playlists and habits

Just recently opened my main playlist a week ago which has almost 1500 songs. Playlist consists of Hip-Hop/Edm/Little Bit of LoFi/Underground/R&B (mostly rap) which contains several big and underrated music artists. However, there are questionable songs i don't listen to haha. Simply put the playlist to recently added to get update because I upload almost daily.



The Newest Hip Hop and R&B songs of the moment. Updated every three to four days to keep it fresh!!!



In the early 2000s, young black kids, unable to fit into the music’s mainstream, carved out their own scene. Grime was born!

If anyone accepting submission to their playlist. Feel free to add a some of my music. Let me know if you do and I'll be sure to share the playlist on different social media outlets.

I promise you this EP goes hard asf, all self produced as well

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