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Share A Cover You Love


Share A Cover You Love

Ok, so there are countless covers of incredible songs but I want you to share your favorites. Share as many as you like, and if you have a playlist of covers, share it with the community!


Here are two I really enjoy: 





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i will literally post a page of covers for you - dedication ❤️




the best covers provide a way to feed the profile of both artists and shed new light on the beauty of the songwriting ^_^






Personally I am not really a fan of covers and I am quickly bored when the song try to sound like the original, which, most of times, shows a lack of creativity. So, for covers, It's not easy to be original and to find unusual songs.


I prefer what I call "Hijacked Songs". More than covers, it's most of time well known songs reinvented with a different tempo, a different style, or with different arrangements making the songs still recognizable but not a "copycat" of the originals. This way, usually, gives another atmosphere to the listening.


2 years ago I started this playlist called "Hijacked songs". I update it time to time when I find a song fitting the idea.



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This is amazing. Thank you for sharing!

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Seems like you got a bit excited about this topic hahah. I can see why, there are so many amazing covers by amazing artists. I didn't know some of the ones you shared and I'll be listening to it asap!

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These are a couple of my favorite covers. They were all sung by Madilyn Bailey. She's actually one of my favorite artists.


@RaquelCarv i may have gone a little overboard

My favorite cover definitely has to be by STRFKR

In Stevie's cover of Little Wing he just gets so much more out of the guitar.



Here is an old favorite release of mine of cover songs, the original songs were protest political songs from the past, and redone with varied music directions from the original songs origins, which makes them completely different in musical styles and directions.

 Wikipedia page about the album release and information on the songs covered:

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